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The traditional methods used to whiten or lighten skin were to apply condiments which more or less acted as sunscreens. Thus it was more of a preventive method to having a fairer skin than bringing about a change in the very chemical composition of the skin. These methods were temporary and those folks who needed a lasting effect had to re-do the procedures time and time over again. The method due to the repetitive nature did have some negative aspects as it became evident that stronger formulations needed to be resorted to as time went by. Thus a more permanent solution to the problem of a darker skin could be more than welcome in the market and could well sell itself over a period of time. It is this sort of a long lasting effect that is being aimed at with the use of formulations, both internal and local, that contain the active ingredient Glutathione. There are some convenient methods of administering the Glutathione on the person and it stands out that each type of delivery does have its strong point and the associated benefits. It would the norm to use the method of administration that would be suited to the individual and his circumstances.


These are a subcutaneous delivery of the formulation which does get to act fast. Since the need to bring the glutathione to within reach of the dermis quickly does add the much-needed punch to the injections. They can be expected to not just improve the complexion but does repair any sort of damage to the outer layer of the skin. Thus blemishes like the scars and discolourations are removed. It would be best to consider the action of the glutathione as that of a curative process than mere cosmetics.

If ever there were some kind of concern when using the glutathione injections, then it is that it must be done only under the supervision of a dermatologist. The very potent form of the active ingredient can cause any adverse reactions to play up more than the more localized approach does. It does help to play safe when the more important factor of a person’s health is concerned.


When considering the skin whitening creams, it would be suffice to say that the approach taken is rather more benign to the injectables. But more importantly, it is possible to combine the glutathione with other constituents which would not be the case with the injections for the most parts. Thus the cream formulation can be used as a more general approach to a clearer skin than a treatment form.

Most instances of the use of glutathione in the cream form are for those individuals who would not need the kind of drastic or quick acting action that the injections provide. Moreover, the creams are the affordable options when compared to the typical injections. Here there are two major factors at play. The first the cost of the injectable forms of glutathione and second the charge to have it administered by a trained health professional. There are a lot of instances when a proper trained dermatologist would not be readily accessible, then it is more suited to use the more convenient cream base to treat skin conditions.


For the most parts, the creams and lotions have more or less the same approach to the issue of whitening the skin. It would be more or less personal preferences that get to decide whether to use the glutathione in the cream form or as the lotion. It is important for the patient undergoing the skin lightening treatments to feel confident of the nature of the treatments. Thus the actual success of the treatment form is decided a lot by the mental makeup of the concerned individual too. It is the receptive person who would be confident of the method being used at any time and hence would get to see the most results in quick time too.

Thus while dealing with patients who are seeking to make fairer their skins, an important part of the treatment is the proper prepping of the individual undergoing the treatment.

The Long-Term Effects Of The Various Treatment Forms

It would only be pertinent that the most powerful means of addressing the issue of skin fairness treatment using active glutathione; the injectable form, be discussed for its benefits to the patient. It is the fastest treatment form as it lightens the skin in the least possible time frame. More importantly, the very nature of the injections would mean that the effect of the procedures do last a lot longer with the injections than any other comparable methods of administration, like the creams or the lotions.

Since for most times, the injections are only administered by a trained hand and never the novice, the patient can be assured of a good level of attention. Thus this could be a right step to get the person in the correct frame of mind, more than anything else. The success of the glutathione injections have to be seen in the overall approach taken by each individual towards lightening the skin.

At the very end, it must be pointed out that the treatment using Glutathione is not totally permanent in effect. But the actual intervals between the administration of the consecutive doses is decided a lot by the actual condition of the person’s skin as with the manner in which the person takes to the active ingredient, the glutathione.

It is important for a treatment to succeed to give the chances of total success the most consideration and then the cost of treatment too, after this aspect.