FILORGA CLEO Fresh Glutathione 70000 mg Injection
FILORGA CLEO Fresh Glutathione 70000 mg Injection
September 5, 2018
Aqua Skin Veniscy – Rich Strength Whitening
October 27, 2018
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Aqua Skin – 18K Everose Gold – Glutathione 18,000mg Plus EGF & Pro Q-10

Product Description:

Aqua Skin – 18K Everose Gold is recommended for whitening of skin from the core to the epidermis layer through anti-oxidation and change of melanin’s composition. It improves your skin health, removes wrinkles, and generates anti-aging effects.

It eliminates and prevents all types of skin diseases and disorders like acne, psoriasis, and blemishes. Optimization of pore size leads to the beautiful and bright skin. The product improves the production of collagen by 85% within few weeks. Tightening of layers happens from the dermis to epidermis. It removes dead skin layers every day and rejuvenates tissues and cells through osmosis. Skin becomes perfectly flexible and smooth within few weeks.

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Ingredients and Dosage:

  • EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)-2000mg
  • Rose extract-0.25mcg
  • Glutathione-18Kmg
  • Pro-Co-Enzyme-Q10-5Kmg
  • Riboflavin-Complex-1250mg

Glutathione, the key ingredient alters the composition and behavior of melanin pigment. It reduces the ratio of EUMELANIN and increases PHEOMELANIN within every cell in the skin. Other ingredients protect skin from UV and provide nourishment.

Direction for Use:

The product is to be administered by a qualified doctor through dripping, IM or IV. The recommended dosage is one set per week during the first two months. Next stage starts with the administration of 1 set after every 15 days for the sustenance of skin whiteness and anti-aging effects. Self-medication is strictly not recommended.

How it Works?

Glutathione ingredient inhibits the growth of EUMELANIN within the Melanocytes in the neural crest region. It controls the behavior of α-MSH binding with the receptor by replacing with PHEOMELANIN. Changes in the composition of signal molecules increase skin fairness naturally. Conditioning of signaling system sustains skin whiteness forever.

Enzyme and Riboflavin protect skin from UVR and prevent any chances of tanning effects which might turn the skin brown or black.

The ingredients interact with collagen-producing cells in the dermis layer. Quality and strength of Pro-Collagen molecules increase by 98% within the first few weeks. Contraction of skin eliminates wrinkles and aging effects. Skin attains and sustains youthful condition due to the formation of the scaffold.


  • 24×7 protection from UV induced radiation
  • Enhanced production of collagen
  • α-MSH binding ensures fairness forever
  • increased immunity to skin disorders and diseases
  • Nourishment for cells, tissues, and tendons
  • Removal of wrinkles, spots, and blemishes
  • Epidermal homeostasis prevents skin tanning
  • Increased Keratinocytes production for nail protection and beauty care
  • Complete anti-aging impact on dermis to epidermis cells and tissues
  • Absolutely free from side effects

Attaining the benefits gets initiated within the few weeks. Sustenance phase starts after four weeks and improvement becomes visible thereafter. Overall skin health, beauty, and fitness factors are retained for a long time with no side effects.

What to Expect:

Changes in skin color and texture are the first visible signs of transformation. Wrinkles and spots go away and skin gets tightened. There will be a marked increase in skin moisture content. Skin allergies and infections reduce considerably. Progressive skin whitening becomes clearly effective after reaching the threshold stage. Complexion and brightness increase.

Ideal Choice for:

It has been practically found to be ideal for type III (medium) to type V (dark brown/black) skin colors that are common in India.

Special Recommendations / Diet:

  • 100ml of fresh lemon juice before breakfast
  • 15gms of pumpkin seeds mixed in one glass of orange/apple/white-grape juice ( Twice a day)
  • Strictly no to alcohol and smoking
  • Avoid hot water shower (recommended warm or cold)
  • 150gms of Fruit salad (apple, avocado, banana, papaya, watermelon) 30 minutes before lunch and supper

Product Specifications:

SKU :  Aqua Skin – 18K Everose Gold – Glutathione 18,000mg Plus EGF & Pro Q-10

Ideal For : Unisex

Treatment Type : Skin Whitening and anti-aging

Form : Vial

Life-stage : Adult

Dosage : one set per week during the first two months. Next stage starts with the administration of 1 set after every 15 days

Country of Manufacture: India

Product Brand: Others

Product Packaging Info:  Bottle

In The Box : 10 sets (3 vials in each set) in one box

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