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Glutax 70000gm Marine White Optimum

Glutax 70000gm Marine White Optimum is the best whitening injection with higher glutathione content DNA that consists of marine elements and provides quick results. It not only whiten and brighten the skin but also it can reduce acne and acne scars. It smoothes the skin, moisturizes and give a glowing effect on labor.

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The result of this products varies between individuals and the lifestyle that they are living.  Some users see visible result within 6 to 12 session. Definitely in most cases, noticeable result are seen after 12 to 24 sessions. It is very important that a medical professional administers the product. Drink plenty of water before your session.

Note: Not recommended if you are  pregnant , lactating or has an existing heart or kidney condition.



4 vials contain :

  1. DNA Marine White Elements – 3000mg
    Marine-D3 – 500mg
  2. Hydro MN Peptide ( Marine Cartilage Extract) – 7200mg
  3. Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex – 4000mg
    4. Marine Collagen Tri-Peptide – 2600mg
    5. Marine Minerals Multivitamins – 15000mg
    6. Marine Glutathione S-transferases – 70000g
    7. Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex – 4000mg
    8. Marine Collagen Tri-Peptide – 2600mg
    9. Marine Minerals Multivitamins – 15000mg
    10. Marine Glutathione S-transferases – 70000g
    11. Hydro MN Peptide ( Marine Cartilage Extract) – 7200mg
  4. DNA Marine White Elements – 3000mg
    Marine-D3 – 500mg


  1. Provides Rapid skin whitening by reducing the melanin formation
  2. Acts as Strong protector from degenerative diseases, such as diabetes
  3. Acts as Intense detoxification including heavy metal detoxification
  4. Maintain firmness and elasticity of the skin
  5. Maintains a healthy heart and Improve Quality
  6. Increase energy in the body, Boost the immune system immune
  7. Reduces the occurrence of pigmentation spots and dark spots on the skin
  8. Eliminate Age Spots
  9. Reduces the fine lines and wrinkles on the skin
  10. Makes the skin more luminous and radiant, Tighten and strengthen the skin tissue
  11. Whitens and moisturize skin
  12. Soften and smooth the skin


IM or IV, 1 set per week during the first two months and then gradually reduce to one set on every two weeks for maintenance


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