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GLUTAX 8000000 GS – ULTIMATE Whitening – SPF 100 UV Protection

Product Description

The product GLUTAX 8000000 GS is designed to enhance the process of skin whitening naturally from the dermis to the epidermis layers. Every ingredient is evaluated and tested in practical conditions before the recommended ratio is integrated to make the product.

The product consists of all the vitamins, nutrients, and the micro-minerals required for the nourishment and protection of the skin. They ensure proper moisturizing effects, immunity, wrinkle elimination, and injection of anti-aging effects.

The product is designed to interact with the Melanocytes at the dermis layer and alter the process of natural pigmentation. It can enhance the PHEOMELANIN ratio and reduce the EUMELANIN content for enhanced skin whitening within a short span of time.

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Ingredients and Dosage

·         Natural Collagen 15000 mg

·         Selenium 5000 mg

·         Ultrafiltration Glutathione 800000 g

·         Crithmum Maritimum Cells CIC2 3000 mg

·         SOD 3500 mg

·         Kojic Acid 1000 mg

·         Multivitamin 35000 mg

·         Alpha Lipoic Acid 5000 mg

·         Epidermal Growth Factor 2500 mg

·         miRNA White Element 20000 mg

The recommended dosage is one set for a week during the first two months. Subsequently, it has to be reduced to one set for every fifteen days during the substance period. The skin specialist may recommend changes in dosage depending on the individual’s skin and health conditions.

Direction for Use

The Vial has to be administered in the form of IM or IV by an authorized skin specialist according to the recommended dosage. Consumption in any other form or self-administration had to be strictly avoided. The treatment has to be continuous and consistent. The skin specialist may change the dosage and duration depending on the skin and health condition of the individual.

How it Works?

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The product works in several stages from the first day of administration at various layers of the skin. Glutathione interacts with the Melanocytes cells at the basal level. It influences the production of melanin in two distinct steps

The first step is to inhibit the production of EUMELANIN that is responsible for the black and brown pigments. The second step is to increase the volume of PHEOMELANIN to a ratio of more than 85% to 90%. Once the shift happens at the endocrine level, the process of skin whitening is stated to be irreversible.

Skin glowing factors are influenced by the enhanced moisture and mineral content in the cells and tissues. Removal of wrinkles and spots ensures anti-aging effects.

What to Expect

Within the first four weeks, you can expect the visible transformation of skin color from the existing complexion to fair and white.  The changes continue at a rapid pace after reaching the threshold stage after the four weeks. The changes happen all over the body from the scalp to the toes.

Ideal Choice for

The product is an ideal choice for all types of brown, black, and semi-dark skins that are typical to non-white communities all over the world.

Special recommendations / Diet

  • 250ml of pure mineral water after brushing in the morning and every one hour till sleep time
  • 100ml of mixed fruit juice (non-citric) every one hour
  • 180gms of vegetable salad (add apple or banana) after every 4 hours
  • Stay away from alcohol and smoking
  • 100gms of meat, 150gms of fish, and/or 100gms of poultry food every day with normal diet

Product Specifications

SKU: ———–

Ideal For: Unisex

Treatment Type: Skin Whitening and anti-aging

Form: Liquid

Lifestage: Adult

Dosage: One set for a week during the first two months. Subsequently, it has to be reduced to one set for every fifteen days during the substance period.

Country of Manufacture: India

Product Brand: Others

Product Packaging Info: Vial(Injection

In The Box: Each box contains 10 injection sets

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