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October 27, 2018
October 27, 2018
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NEUTRO SKIN – Pomegranate Whitening + Antioxidant

Product Description

NEUTRO SKIN is a product especially made for the faster skin whitening for the brown and black complexion. It contains optimum ration of ingredients that support the core Glutathione Pomegranate extract.

EGF is the ingredient which enhances the influence of glutathione over the Melanocytes cells which produce the melanin pigments. The ingredients can suppress the volumetric ratio of the brown and black pigments generation and propagation into the skin layers. Glutathione is the ingredient which increases the production of white pigments from the core.

The antioxidant ingredients can eliminate all the toxic elements that may induce oxidation reactions due to UV radiation. Hence the skin stays protected from tanning effects and skin fairness stays forever.

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Ingredients and Dosage

  • Glutathione Pomegranate extract-12000mg
  • Coenzyme-Q10-150mg
  • EGF-300mg

The 2-ml Ampule form contains 300mg of Kojic acid and 20mg of a Vegetal placenta. The 5ml Ampule contains 250mg of natural collagen extract, 150mg of vitamin-E and 600mg of Ascorbic acid.

The recommended dosage is one set (one vial, one 2ml Ampule, and one-5ml Ampule) per day. The interval may be one or two in a week depending on the advice of a skin specialist.

Direction For Use

An experienced and authorized skin specialist has to administer the set according to the recommended dosage. Consumption in any other form or self-administration had to be strictly avoided. The treatment has to be continuous and consistent. The skin specialist may change the dosage and duration depending on the skin and health condition of the individual.

How it Works?

Glutathione pomegranate ingredient is strong enough to change the physiological behavior of Melanocytes and their receptors in the dermis and the sub-basal layers. By suppressing the brown and black pigment and enhancing the whitening pigments, the product can transform every cell and tissue of the skin to the fair complexion with glowing effects.

Protective shield creation over the epidermis layer can prevent the penetration of UVR and formation of free radicals. Removal of oxidation suppresses the regrouping of the existing black and brown pigments at all the sections of the skin. Progressive skin whitening is accompanied with an increase in collagen and anti-oxidants.


Skin Fairness

The endogenous and genetic factors which control the skin pigmentation can be overruled by the gradual and natural injection of the NEUTRO SKIN ingredients. It may take time to have an initial impact. Once the threshold limit is reached, the effects will be phenomenal and visible. The natural skin whitening is an irreversible process which lasts for the rest of your life.

Skin Protection

NEUTRO SKIN ingredients can protect the skin from UVR, infections, and disorders for a long time. It eliminates the free radical and enhances the skin moisture, vitamin, and nutrient content.


NEUTRO SKIN can remove the skin wrinkles, lines, spots and patches that are aging symptoms. Skin tightening ensures restoration of the youthful condition within the first few weeks.

What to Expect

You can expect significant transformation in the skin color from brown and black pigmentation into fair complexion within the first four to five weeks. The changes continue to happen over the sustenance period until your skin attains the level of whiteness you require. Overall improvement in skin health and firmness ensures youthful appearance.

Ideal Choice for

NEUTRO SKIN is ideal for every type of skin with black, brown, olive, and other types from Asia, Africa, and the middle east.

Special recommendations / Diet

  • 150ml of citric (orange or lemon) juice without sugar every 3 hours
  • 250gms to 300gms of watery fruits once in two days
  • Abstinence from alcohol and smoking
  • 150gms of meat /180gms of fish/100gms of poultry food on alternate days
  • Plenty of green-leaf vegetables for lunch and supper
  • One glass of water after every hour

Product Specifications

SKU: ——

Ideal For: Unisex

Treatment Type: For Skin Whitening

Form: Liquid

Lifestage: Adult

Dosage: One Vial is Prescribed to be Taken in One Go, Once or Twice a Week that is Once in Every Three Days

Country of Manufacture: India

Product Brand: Others

Product Packaging Info: Bottle

In The Box: Recommended dosage is one set (one vial, one 2ml Ampule and one-5ml Ampule) per day. The interval may be one or two in a week depending on the advice of skin specialist.

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