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Neutro Skin vitamin-c Collagen

Neutro skin vitamin c and collagen is the best herbal, productive and natural product available in the market that contains vitamin c which is very good for skin. This makes the skin fairer and smoother. Neutro skin vitamin c and collagen, being totally herbal, shows its effect in a very short time. These injections are very powerful and hit bloodstream directly. Therefore it is best to choose an injection form of these products instead of any other beauty products. This is clinically approved after being tested by experts and offers a wide range of benefits.

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Vitamin C 2000mg
Collagen 1000mg


  1. Replenish lost collagen
  2. Increases skin elasticity
  3. Fade discolorations’ hyperpigmentation such as liver spots, age spots, and skin pigmentations.
    Improves skin complexion
  4. Fade scar and dark spots
  5. Reduce wrinkles
  6. Moisturize skin


1 ampoule, 1 or 2 injection every week for one or two months are recommended and then you can reduce the dosage to 1 injection for every 2 weeks for the maintenance.

Suggest inject with Glutathione to get the best result.

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