Skin Whitening Injections

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  • Swissmed Mixing White Energize Glutathione Injection

    10,000.00 8,500.00

    Buy Swissmed Mixing White Energize Glutathione Injection 6 sessions online. Shop Swissmed Mixing White Energize Glutathione Injection India. Order now

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  • Tatio active DX 12g Glutathione 5 Session Skin Whitening Injection

    11,200.00 9,700.00

    Buy Tatioactive DX 12g glutathione 5 session skin whitening injection in India. Shop Tatioactive DX 12g glutathione skin whitening injection Online. Order now

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  • VENISCY – NEXGEN PROwhite – Collaboration 50000 IV-IM

    Product Description

    VENISCY – NEXGEN PROwhite is a strong skin whitening product recommended for attaining and sustaining fairness using a natural method. Collagen, ALA, multivitamins, and Pro-EGF are the main ingredients. They have a powerful impact on the Melanocytes cells that produce melanin in two forms.

    The product is made for enhancing the PHEOMELANIN production and suppression of the EUMELANIN which is responsible for the brown, black, and olive skin color. The combination of ingredients could overrule the genetic predominance and change the pigmentation of skin cells and tissues from the basal layer to the epidermis. Hence the process of skin whitening is complete from scalp skin to the toe skin.

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    Product Description

    The Vaniscy skin whitening injection contains large volume of skin nourishing and strengthening ingredients apart from the core elements that bring fairness to skin.

    The product makers have researched the entire anatomy of the human skin and production process of melanin while deciding on the ingredient ratio. Rapid whitening of skin cells is made possible due to the suppression of brown and black pigmentation at the Melanocytes level.

    Enhanced production of PHEOMELANIN makes the skin white and bright from the dermis level to the epidermis layers. Glutathione removes the free radicals responsible for the oxidation pigments and promotes the antioxidants for complete skin protection.

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