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Glutathione Skin Whitening Injection

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Skin Whitening Injections - Basic Information You should know

Skin whitening is a process by which the quantity and effects of melanin in the skin layers are reduced by using advanced scientific methods. In this aspect, the skin whitening injections play a vital role. They are responsible for the synthesis of a special pigment within the human skin that makes it fair and bright to the core. The skin lightening injections can multiply phenomelanin across the entire body skin, making the skin white. The skin whitening injections also suppress the role of eumelanin in the skin layers and prevent the possibility of brown or dark skin from making a comeback. This ensures fairness of the skin forever with zero side effects.
Pheomelanin is the pigment which has a combination of yellow and red colors in optimum proportions. The color fair injections can increase the count of Pheomelanin in the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin. This process results in the transformation of any skin type into the fair and attractive skin within a short span of time. The everlasting effects of skin lightening injections make your skin fair and beautiful for the rest of your life.
Eumelanin is the pigment which is mostly black or brown. By default, the count of Eumelanin generated by the skin is more compared to Pheomelanin. This is a natural phenomenon. > UV radiation volume in South Asia is more in intensity > Oxidation of skin layers triggers Eumelanin quantity > Hence the skin remains black or brown > In India the phenomenon is considered highest throughout the length and breadth of the country.

Premium Skin Whitening Injections

  • SolutionPermanent Whitening- How to Increase Pheomelanin?

    The most effective way of increasing pheomelanin is to influence the working of Melanocyte stimulating hormone. Your concern of how to become fair will be answered with the help of skin lightening injections in the most dependable and progressive manner.
  • TargetGlutathione Skin Whitening Injections-- Melanocyte Target

    Skin whitening injections target the Melanocytes that are present in the lowermost layers of your skin epidermis. Their main task is to synthesize the color pigment called melanin. The generated melanin pigments get distributed to the different parts of the skin in your body. They interact with the skin cells called Keratinocytes in the epidermis layer and this process determines the color of your skin.
  • ActionSkin Whitening Injection –Action

    - Skin lightening injection interacts with Cysteine in the melanocytes - Cysteine is the basic element of Glutathione - Glutathione suppresses Eumelanin and increases Pheomelanin - Glutathione is the main protein responsible for skin whitening

Glutathione skin whitening Injections – Ultimate Solution for Fair Skin

Now you understand the importance of Glutathione in transforming your skin from the existing black/brown color into fair and bright color. Now you need to know when, where and how the transformation is initiated by the glutathione injections.


Glutathione Injection for Skin Whitening - Phase 1

Skin lightening injections start initial interaction with the Melanoblast
The injections interact with the Melanocytes
Glutathione injection increases Cysteine quantity
The volume of Glutathione in the Melanocytes increases significantly
Melanocytes get conditioned to producing more of Pheomelanin

Glutathione Injection for Skin Whitening - Phase 2

Skin lightening injections interact with Keratinocytes
Glutathione vitamin penetrates through the Keratinocytes layers
The vitamin boosts the intensity of Pheomelanin by eliminating UV produced free radicals
Permanent whitening results from the neutralization of Eumelanin
FINAL RESULT IS HERE - Your how to get fair worry is solved.

Skin Pigmentation Processes



The pigmentation of the existing melanin in the skin layers can happen through the process of oxidation. This process gets initiated when the UV radiation from the sun creates free radicals.


Melanogenesis is the production of melanin from the Melanocytes. This is a process which is responsible for the skin pigmentation independent of the external factors. The long-term effects of the whitening skin injection are determined by how best skin whitening injection can work within the melanocytes. Lifecycle of Melanocytes


The Melanoblast is the originator of the melanocytes. Their migration from the ectoderm layer into the epidermis layer leads to the formation of melanocytes. The Melanoblast cells undergo differentiation in the next stage.


The second stage in the formation of melanocytes is the differentiation of Melanocyte lineage cells along with Melanoblast cells. If you go a bit deeper and analyze their origin, they are from the ectoderm layers which form the connectivity between the epidermis skin cells, neurons originating from the brain and the pigment cells.


In the next stage the melanocytes start migrating to the lower parts of the epidermis layer and spreading out to the various sections of the body.

Melanin Production

Once the melanocytes are spread over to the key points of Keratinocytes, they start producing melanin. Actually melanin is made of subtypes called Eumelanin and Pheomelanin in combination. The ratio determines the tone of your skin. Eumelanin is made of 5- dihydroxyindoles and 6-dihydroxyindoles. Pheomelanin is made of benzothiazin as the main ingredient.

Melanin Storage

The produced melanin gets stored in the zone called melanosome. From here they get distributed to the different sections of the skin where the Keratinocytes absorb them and produce the skin color.

Role of permanent skin whitening injections –Fairness Conditioning


The ingredients of glutathione injections you take enter the Melanosome zone and increase the quantity of pheomelanin in comparison with the Eumelanin count. Hence your skin becomes fairer in colour.


The ingredients of glutathione injections you take enter the Melanosome zone and increase the quantity of pheomelanin in comparison with the Eumelanin count. Hence your skin becomes fairer in colour.


As you know, the melanin content already present in the Keratinocytes will have retained the original brown/black tone. The situation could get worse when they are subject to oxidation from the free radicals. The ingredients of the skin lightening injection enter the Keratinocytes and start enhancing the count of the pheomelanin. But this is not an easy process since the oxidized forms of eumelanin called the Dopachrome are more in numbers. Here the glutathione injection can effectively split the parental body of the Dopachrome called the DOPA quinone into the Cysteinyl form of the DOPA which the non-oxidized form of the melanin. When these elements get processed by the ingredients of the glutathione injection, they lead to increased production of the pheomelanin at the Keratinocytes. Hence you can experience uniform skin whitening all over the body.

Top Glutathione Injection Benefits

Keep You Skin Fair Forever
Glutathione Injection Benefit - Antioxidant Property

Antioxidant Property

The Cysteine is highly antioxidant in nature. Since the ingredients of glutathione injections are spread all over the skin which gets exposed to UV, the free radicals generated by the UV get neutralized consistently. Hence there is no need to fear about your skin getting tanned back into the original black or brown pigment.
Glutathione Injection Benefits - Pigment Resistance

Pigment Resistance

The role played by the skin lightening injections is streamlined by the direct action of Cysteine on the Keratinocytes, melanocytes and the melanosome. The average quantity of Cysteine needed by your skin is about 200-250mg per day. This quantity of Cysteine cannot be produced by your body naturally, not even through the foods you consume. Hence the role of skin lightening injection is very vital when it comes to controlling the huge volume of eumelanin being generated by the melanocytes.
Glutathione Injection Benefits -Pheomelanin Augmentation

Pheomelanin Augmentation

The skin lightening injections have a unique property of increasing the pheomelanin production from the melanocytes. This is a chain reaction since the newly produced melanocytes from the Melanoblast in the ectoderm layer contain the number of eumelanin. The glutathione injections intercept the melanocytes and ensure enhanced production of pheomelanin within them. Since this process gets initiated between the ectoderm layer and the dermis layer of the skin, the melanocytes emerging into the epidermis layer will always have a higher ratio of the pheomelanin.
Glutathione Injection Benefits - Acne Protection

Acne Protection

Glutathione injections have the unique property of protecting your skin from being affected by acne. The permanent whitening formula has highest antioxidant property which works consistently at the three layers of Stratum Corneum, Stratum Lucidium and stratum Granulosum that are located in order from the top. Here the forever whitening formula works by forming a protective antioxidant layer. When the sun’s UV rays hit the Stratum Corneum, most of the UV simply gets reflected back into the environment.
Glutathione Injection Benefits - Hormonal Balance

Hormonal Balance

The pregnancy and the post natal periods require high volume of collagen for preventing the formation of stretch marks. Skin pigmentation needs to be prevented. Estrogen production can enhance the production of collagen and reduce the pigmentation considerably. However, the progesterone and estrogen imbalance can make things go in the reverse path during these times. The glutathione injections can help restore the hormonal balance in favor of estrogens and protect the skin from stretch marks and pigmentation.
Glutathione Injection Benefits - Diabetes Control

Diabetes Control

Diabetes can cause skin hyper pigmentation of the skin due to Acanthosis Nigricans, resulting in dark skin. The condition might be limited to few dark patches on the back, chest, legs, thighs and hands. In other instances the deficiency can spread. In the other case of Diabetic Dermopathy, the condition can destroy the melanin making the skin go lifeless (even the pheomelanin gets destroyed). Glutathione injections can reduce the level of fasting glucose and enhance the concentration of Cysteine, Glycine.
Glutathione Injection Benefit -Endothelial De-pigmentation 2

Endothelial De-pigmentation

The activation of Endothelin receptors present in the endothelial skin can cause hyper pigmentation due to tyrosinase. The process of hyper pigmentation can be prevented with the help of glutathione injections by enhancing the suppression of tyrosinase. This process leads to the de-pigmentation of the melanocytes at the lower strata of the epidermis layer.
Glutathione Injection Benefits - Prevention of Eczema

Prevention of Eczema

Glutathione injections can effectively promote the production of Filaggrin proteins within the epidermis and the dermis layers of the skin within the shortest span of time. Once the protein gets stronger, the fair skin injections ingredients boost the accumulation of the white blood cells around the potential eczema prone cells. The parallel increase in the omega3 and omega 6 fatty acids by glutathione enhances the immunity of the skin cells to eczema and associated hyper pigmentation
Glutathione Injection Benefit -Post Therapy healing

Post Therapy healing

Glutathione enhances the healing speed of the patients who are have undergone chemotherapy for skin cancer. The damages cells within the epithelial cells are reconstructed by the glutathione injections ingredients. The purest form of glutathione can also rearrange the damaged skin layers and reconstruct the bonding between them. This process could be tie consuming depending on the existing conditions of the epithelial cells and the intensity of damages.

Glutathione Skin Whitening Injections

Other Stated Benefits
  • Skin lightening injections enhance antioxidant property
  • Glutathione injections purify the blood in skin layers
  • Whitening skin injection removes free radicals
  • Glutathione injection breaks down melanin and enhances pheomelanin
  • Permanent skin whitening injections eliminate skin infection bacteria
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid in the skin lightening injection supplies protein and vitamin
  • Glutathione reduces and heals nerve damages
  • Glutathione supplements lower blood glucose
  • Glutathione injections prevent thyroid hyper pigmentation
  • Glutathione injections for skin whitening increase skin brightness
  • Skin whitening injections restore estrogen Vs progesterone balance
  • skin lightening injections eliminate Melasma conditions
  • Glutathione strengthens skin with collagen from fibroblasts
  • Skin brightening injections eliminate leukotriene skin inflammation
  • Glutathione injection enhances skin hydration and healthy fluid retention
  • Skin lightening injections remove aging and dark spots
  • Glutathione speeds up skin wound healing

Best Skin Whitening Injection

For Multiple Skin Tones
Best Skin Whitening Injection
Some of the most trusted skin whitening injection name listings in the following sections will reveal the top benefits of their ingredients. All your queries about how to become fair through injections without suffering any side effects will be answered here. The glutathione skin whitening injections can be used by any type of skin to get the best results within the shortest possible time. Some of the most common skin types across India and how the color fair injections work on them are listed here.
If you happen to have brown tone skin, you don’t need to worry about how to become fair. The skin whitening injections can transform your skin tone into the fair skin within a span of few months. All you need to do is to follow the procedure of taking the injections regularly. The concentration ratio of Eumelanin Vs Pheomelanin within the light brown skin is stated to be controlled by the breakdown of tyrosine. For the light brown skin, the breakdown happens relatively faster compared to dark brown skin. Glutathione injections help in the consistent break down of the tyrosine into its constituent elements. Hence the process of hyperpigmentation gets suppressed. If you have a query regarding “how many glutathione injections should I take?”, the probable answer depends on your present age, existing skin tone and health conditions. The generally recommended dosage could be 1200MG per week. The dosage per injection depends on the recommendations of your doctor.
The Melan-A is the black pigment in the Eumelanin of the melanocytes. The best skin whitening injection can carry out the de-pigmentation of this element from the skin at three stages as stated above (within the melanocytes, from the melanosome and the Keratinocytes). Cell proliferation is another process initiated by the skin lightening injections. The dark black skin tones might require the stronger versions of the best skin whitening injection in the Keratinocytes region. The most probable reason for this phenomenon is stated to be the free radical effects on the Keratinocytes. The 95% of the Keratinocytes concentration in the epidermis layer of your skin gets affected by the existing melanin content in them. The glutathione injections play a big role in the reduction of black eumelanin in several stages. The first step is the control over the process of Melanogenesis. Though the process originally happens in the dermis layer, it is also controlled by the Keratinocytes. The main controlled processes are the Melanogenesis, proliferation, and differentiation. The permanent whitening effects of the injections are brought about by the perfect coordination in the enhancement of pheomelanin at the dermis layer as well as the Stratum Corneum. This layer gets exposed to the UV radiation immediately after the dead cells at the topmost layer of the epidermis. Hence the intensity of oxidation is also more. The analysis of dark skin people across Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Karnataka, Bihar and other states shows the clear link between the oxidation of the Keratinocytes and the hyperpigmentation. The skin whitening injections before and after conditions of the volume of pheomelanin are the clear indication of the skin lightening injections success across India.
The olive skin tone in India belongs to the fourth type of color range, part from the fair, brown and black. This color is mainly attributed to the moderate combination of the eumelanin and the pheomelanin in the melanocytes and the Keratinocytes. The permanent skin whitening injections can enhance the generation of pheomelanin over the combination type and improve the skin fairness. Scientific analysis of the skin undertone indicates them to be neutral in nature. Hence the whitening skin injection can generate the effects of pheomelanin pigments within this skin layer in an effective manner. If your skin is olive tone you can expect to get the best results from the consistent glutathione injection benefits within a short span of time.
  • Healthlozenge women testimonial icon
    My personal experience with the glutathione injection benefits has been quite satisfactory. Being a housewife for the past 16 years, I am able to find a job in the leading Star hotel in Bengaluru due to the permanent whitening effects brought by the glutathione injections. People always feel I have grown 10 years younger within the span of 6 months. Now I am able to balance my dual responsibility as a housewife and as a brand ambassador of the leading star Hotel in South India. I am happy to recommend the forever whitening solutions to you today.
    Another Happy Customer
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    Conducting a seminar on beauty products is no joke, especially having a dark brown complexion. Thanks to the glutathione injections for skin whitening I am able to lead the seminar delegation from the front and create a power-packed impact on the audiences.
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    My first interaction with the glutathione injections was 6 months ago. At that time I was worried about skin whitening injection price in India since I thought it would be in Euros or Dollars. To my surprise, I found the glutathione injections cost to be highly affordable and the results to be highly dependable.
    Another Happy Customer
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    My ambition of joining a foreign languages School in Delhi as a counselor got boosted after I used the skin whitening injection for less than one year and got the results. I have visited many countries during the past one year as part of cultural exchange programs and the permanent skin whitening injections make me confident.
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    8 months before my first fashion show test in Mysore, I was scared to my skin and thought of dropping out. It was my mom who assured me of the best skin whitening injection and its results. She also gave me lots of fair skin tips. Now I have successfully cleared the test and got selected for the upcoming events in Bengaluru. My thanks to the forever whitening effects of the glutathione injections for showing me how to get fair.
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    Hello, I come from a small village near Dharwad in Karnataka. My aim was to take my dream job of tourist officer in Bengaluru. I passed through all the exams and failed in HR due to my dark skin. Then my brother suggested I go for the glutathione skin whitening injection. Though skeptic initially I decided to take the chance. I am happy today after completing my first year in the office due to my transformed fair skin.
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    Being the brand ambassador of a leading MNC makes me travel all over the world, meet people with confidence and promote business. Having fair skin through glutathione injections for skin whitening has the best part of my career and confidence-building measures so far. Thanks to Glutathione injections for showing me how to get fair.
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    Basically, I wanted to have a fair skin, because I wanted to join the airlines as an air hostess. My first question to the friend who introduced me to the injections was, “is glutathione safe?” She assured me and I want it. I have already worked 5 years in the leading Airlines now.
    Another Happy Customer
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    Coming from the Gaya district of Bihar, I tried my luck at the modeling showbiz for garments in Mumbai several times. Repeated rejections had nearly pushed me into depression when I discovered the magic of best skin whitening injection. Today I am working as a model for ethnic jewelry and feature promptly on the advertisements.
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    Being dark skinned, I found it difficult to find a bride in my Hometown of Coimbatore. Consistent use of glutathione injection transformed my skin into fair skin complexion. Now I am happily married with two children. I am really grateful for the innovations in skin toning and pigment reduction.