Aqua Skin Veniscy High Strength Whitening Injection
Aqua Skin Veniscy High Strength Whitening Injection
September 5, 2018
Aqua Skin – 18K Everose Gold – Glutathione 18,000mg Plus EGF & Pro Q-10
October 27, 2018
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FILORGA CLEO Fresh Glutathione 70000 mg Injection

How it works?

The most active component in the formulation is the Glutathione which gets to break the process of pigment formation.  What is significant is that the color part of the pigments is broken down which in turn would mean a new layer of color pigments which are more or less of a lighter shade.  The most attractive aspect of the treatment is that the effect is rather long lasting and close to a permanent solution to dark colored skin as practically possible.

Since the Glutathione is delivered as close to the site as possible, the action sets in immediately as compared to the much slower results with the more common creams and lotions. Equally significant is that there are few adverse reactions being reported with this treatment form which would mean that it is safe to use in most situations.

The actual strength of the preparation and duration of the treatment can be varied to suit the situation.  Rather than just a simple skin whitening procedure, the Glutathione formulation is more of a general agent to improve the youthfulness and appearances of the skin. It is possible to remove the scar tissue from acne and skin defects like warts and moles by using the Glutathione injections.

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  • Raw Glutathione 70,000 mg
  • (Vit.C+Q10+Grape Seed+Collagen+Mixed Berry) 10,000 mg
  • Evening Primrose Oil 1,000 mg


To be administered intramuscular or intravenous, one vial once or twice a week.  A maintenance dose of one vial to be administered once fortnightly or monthly as may be the requirement.


Long-term action which means lesser attention on a day to day basis.  Can be used along with most common medications without much interference. Can also be afforded by the middle-class folks as compared to the more expensive treatment forms available.

Ideal choice for?

It would be safe to say that there is no such ideal age group or ethnic groups who find the treatment idea.  Most customers are past their twenties as it is often at this age that appearances seem to matter.  But there have been instances of young children being treated so to handle major skin ailments much before they would have come of age.

Both the sexes can be treated with the Glutathione injections and there is nothing in the treatment process or the rest of the ingredients that should cause any kind of alarm.


At present, there are no dietary restrictions to be followed during the actual treatment or when the maintenance doses are being administered.  But a number of trained dermatologists do recommend reducing the intake of fat and oily substances at least during the initial stages of the procedure.


The formulation comes in separate packed vials of Glutathione and water to mix.  Sufficient care and padding have been provided to facilitate easy transport and handling.


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